About GTrade

What is GTRADE?

This is a garlic trading platform where investors can purchase fresh garlic for market or garlic cloves for planting and Saumu Empire will do all the trading for you. To be able to trade you need to create an account. after creating an account, on the trader menu there are two options;

a. Garlic
b. Cloves

Garlic bulbs

In this option an investor can purchase a certain amount of garlic bulbs e.g. 100 Kgs at a set buying price e.g. Ksh 250. With the help of the platform the garlic will be sold at a profit e.g. Ksh 290. The garlic will be purchased from farmers, we will do curing until the product is ready for market, then make the sale. The waiting time for profit maturity is at most 90 days. This option ensures ease to market for both farmers and garlic traders

The investor will acquire the following estimated profit:

Weight (Kg) Price (Ksh) Total(Ksh)
Purchase 100 250 25,000
Sale 100 290 29,000
Profit 4,000

Garlic cloves

In this option an investor will purchase a certain number of garlic cloves e.g. 10,000 cloves at a set buying price e.g. Ksh 10/clove and the expected return will be Ksh 15/clove. The garlic cloves will be taken for planting with the help of well experienced agronomist. A project will be created on ROBi App , where all the activities taking place on the farm will be uploaded and the investor is invited into the project to track the process. Our garlic takes 4 months from planting to maturity and an extra month for curing. The agronomist will help in crop management, this is from planting to harvesting of the garlic crop.

The investor will acquire the following estimated profit:

No. of Cloves) Price (Ksh) Total(Ksh)
Purchase 10,000 10 100,000
Sale 10,000 15 150,000
Profit 50,000

The waiting time for profit maturity is utmost 175 days, this includes; land preparation, planting, crop management, harvesting, curing and sale of product,

This investment option favors farmers interested in garlic farming but lack the experience as it ensures lesser risk on production due to our vast experience in garlic farming.

Garlic production in Kenya has been on the decline due to lack of enough information, lack of quality seeds, poor crop management and inconsistent market among other factors

But Saumu Empire would like to offer solutions that would radicalize garlic production in Kenya and Africa as whole. With well experienced agronomists, quality seeds e.g. JKUAT-1 and welldesigned marketing structures this dream will be achieved.

Join us on GTRADE to make Kenya and Africa garlic self-sufficient.